• game day appetizers

    Buffalo Ranch Chicken Loaf

    //   This was good and so easy to make! It would be a great make a head meal too! by that I mean the day before you could cook the chicken and the bacon and the day of all you would have to do is assemble the loaf. Now, normally I don’t share big long stories before I share a recipe, it’s just not my style, I like to get straight to the point. But today I am going to share a short, funny story with you. While I was at the grocery store picking up the ingredients to make this, along with some other things I needed, I…

  • Main Dish

    Cheesy Chicken Fingers

    // These cheesy chicken fingers are so good that I actually had 2 on the plate for the photo! Turned my back for one second and… yup, it was gone! Cheesy Chicken Fingers Ingredients: 1  to  1  1/2 pounds chicken tenders (boneless skinless) 1 1/2 Cups bread crumbs 1 Cup flour 1 cup finely shredded mild cheddar cheese 1 – 1 oz  ranch packet 5 eggs oil for frying     ** I made a mixture of mayo and sriracha for dipping. I do this by putting the amount of mayo I need (usually 1/2) into a bowl and slowly mix in some sriracha until desired taste is reached.  …