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learning – Fishing Game

WARNING: Small pieces are used in this game, and could be a choking hazard to small children and pets.

fishy game main


Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun for the kiddos with this learning fishing game! This can be used to teach kids bible verses, numbers, words, the alphabet, etc. The possibilities are endless; just have some fun with it. =)

What you will need:

  • a stick
  • yarn or twine
  • 1 washer per fish ( I made 20 fish, so I used 20 washers)
  • 1 small round magnet ( found a pack of 8 at lowes for $2.48)
  • construction paper or card stock paper ( the card stock holds up much better)
  • some good glue ( something like crazy glue, or contact cement glue… the school house glue does not hold well on these)
  • Black marker
  • scissors
  • paper clips ( these just make it easy to cut a few fish at one time)

What to do:

1.) First I drew a fish. Please don’t laugh at my fish… I am no artist, ha.

fish 1

2.) Use paper clips so you can cut out 5 or more at one time. Trace your fish and cut them out.


3.) Use a black marker to draw a mouth and eye on the fish. Then glue the washers on so that the black dot for the eye is lined up with the hole in the washer.


4. Let them dry. Space them out so they eys’s are not touching each other, you don’t want them to stick together. Once they are dry use a black marker to write on them. You can write letters, numbers, words, bible verses, anything really.



5.) Next, find a good stick and tie a piece of yarn or twine around it. I put a little glue on it so it stays in place.


6. On the other end of the yarn/twine tie on a washer.


7.) Glue the magnet to the washer.

8. Scatter the fish on the ground, and ask them to pick up a certain number, letter, verse, or word, and let them fish away.


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