My 2019 Christmas Home Tour
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My 2019 Christmas Home Tour

I am finally getting around to typing up my Christmas tree post for you all.  While I am at it, I also thought I’d show you a few other spots in my home that I have decorated for Christmas. Before looking at these I want to make a disclaimer, I am not an interior designer. I decorate my home for my family and I in a way that makes us happy.

First let’s talk about my Christmas tree. Remember awhile back when I had all that ribbon hanging out of my tree and I was asking you all to help me pick one? I was so glad I asked because someone had said something about burlap and knew that was exactly what I needed. I’ve been in love with the red and black buffalo check this year and the burlap matched everything perfectly.

If you look closely you can spot a few of the DIY’s I have done for Christmas. In between my windows I have mini pine cone ornaments hanging. On my tree you will see that I have used DIY Flower ornaments, the mini picture frame ornaments, and gift tag ornaments .

I made the gift tag ornaments last year and there is no post for these. Let me quickly explain to you how I made them: I bought a few of those .98 cent wooden tags from Walmart and stained them. I then used my circuit and printed off some Christmas words. And the last step was to apply the words to the wooden tags.

( I apologize for all the fuzzy photos. The lighting was not working with me at all today!)

While we are still in the living room let me show you how I displayed a few of the DIY’s we made this season. You can finds them here —> Glittered Santa Clause Initials, Canvas Bag Sign, Scrap Fabric Santa.

Remember how I said that I decorate in a way that makes my family happy? Well, these stockings make us happy. Sure they don’t match anything, but they are fun! Someday when my son gets older I will maybe buy cute matching stockings but for now this is what makes us happy.

Now let’s move on to the kitchen. My kitchen is VERY small. The only place I really decorate in my kitchen is on top of my spice rack and my kitchen cabinets. I could not get a good picture of the entire top of my cabinets so I had to break this photo in two. This being the first half. I also want to note that I really wanted to put some sort if cute lighted flowers in the crock with the ribbon, but honestly, I ran out of time and money for decorating this year.

Here is the second half of the above cabinet. Do you see that Santa boot? (insert heart eyes). I found this adorable little gem at a yard-sale this past summer. I put some Christmas picks in it along with a candle that has a timer in it. I also put some cute bulb lights in my garland. The bulbs lights that I chose are battery operated and run on a timer. I use battery operated timer lights a LOT.

Now let’s move into the dining room. I love Christmas trees, so I like to put up as many as possible in my small home. Last year I found this pencil tree at Walmart and it fits perfectly in the corner of my dining room. I kept the red and black buffalo check theme going on this tree as well. I really wanted a different runner for the table but this is all I had to work with this year.

The little church on the silver platter means a lot to me. When I was a kid my parents used to buy one of these little buildings every year for Christmas. My mom was cleaning her basement and wanted to get rid of them so she gave them to me. I’m so glad she did! Since this church is on my table and I’m unable to plug it in, I stuffed some battery lights up the center and hid the waters back in the green pine. And, of course, these lights run on a timer, also.

Lastly, I have this big corner cabinet that was actually built into the house. When we moved in it was one of my favorite features of our home. I really dislike dragging my red dishes up for Christmas but I love the way they pop in this corner cabinet. I wanted to do a little more decorating to the top of the cabinet, but like I said, I am running out of time this year. I have red candy cane battery lights in this garland.

(Don’t mind the paint on my chair. I’m a crafter, it happens, LOL! )

If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube


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