Patriotic DIY Wood Block for Tiered Tray
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Patriotic DIY Wood Block for Tiered Tray

Hello friends! I am thrilled to share with you how I made this patriotic DIY wood block for a tiered tray!  Get ready to celebrate the 4th of July in style with this adorable patriotic tiered tray decor! I just love working with these affordable wood blocks – they’re the perfect size for creating fun and festive decorations. And let me tell you, this DIY American Flag wood block was so simple and fun to make.

This patriotic craft would be a blast for the kiddos to try too! Imagine their faces lighting up as they create their own little wooden flag to display on a tiered tray. It’s the perfect way to get the whole family into the 4th of July spirit.

I can’t wait for you to give this a try. Grab some tumbling tower wood blocks and let’s get crafting! This is going to be the star of your 4th of July celebrations.  Here’s how:

Materials Needed:

Step 1.  Using three tumbling tower wood blocks (I get these at the Dollar Tree), paint two of the blocks red.  Next, take another wood block and paint it white.  Then, paint another wood block blue.  Allow all four blocks to dry completely.

Step 2.  Take a sanding block over all 4 painted wood blocks.  This just helps to create a more vintage look to the project.

Step 3.  Use stick fast glue and glue the 3 wood blocks together horizontally in this order: red, white, red.  Then, use stick fast glue to secure the blue block vertically onto the side of the red-white-red block so that it sort of resembles the American Flag.  Allow this block/flag to dry. 

Step 4.  Next, use some stamps to spell out “USA,” and stamp vertically onto some paper.  I found these stamps at Hobby Lobby and taped them together to make it easier to stamp.  

Step 5.  Use your fingers to carefully tear out the “USA” stamp from the paper.  Then, crinkle this up with your hands a bit to create a more vintage look.  

Step 6.  Apply some antique wax to the crinkled “USA” stamped piece of paper and allow this to dry. 

Step 7.  Next, I applied some Dixie Bell antique wax in the color “black” around the edges of the stamped “USA” piece of paper. Allow this to dry. 

Step 8.  Use the same Dixie Bell antique wax in the color “black”and randomly apply it over the front of the American Flag wood block to create a more rustic look to the project.  Allow this to dry.

Step 9.  Apply some Mod Podge to the back to the “USA” stamped piece of paper, and then secure it vertically onto the blue block of the American flag.  Allow this to dry and enjoy! 



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