Placemat Pumpkin - decorative pillow
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Placemat Pumpkin – decorative pillow

Placemat Pumpkin – decorative pillow

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I love coming up with fun crafts using supplies I bought from the Dollar Tree. Let me show you how to make this adorable Placemat Pumpkin – declarative pillow for your front porch. It is so easy and cost a little bit of nothing to make!


  • 2 round, orange placemats from the Dollar Tree
  • Poly Fill ( I cut open an old pillow)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric Bond hot glue stick
  • Stick from the yard
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Raffia
  • Ribbon colors of your choice


How to: 

Step 1: Using a fabric bond hot glue stick glue around the rim of the place mats until you get to the top. Leave about a 1-2 inch gap at the top. You will need enough room to add stuffing. I also want to note that the fabric bond takes a little longer to dry then the regular glue sticks. I work in little sections until I make it to the top.

Step 2: Begin to fill the hole with poly fill. I put enough in it to make it look like a pillow because that’s what I am going for. This is a decorative pillow for fall and not one that you would cozy up to.

Step 3: Put some hot glue on the end of the stick and push it in the gap so that the glue will adhere to some of the poly fill.

Step 4: You can now seal up the top gap. You will want to make sure that it is sealed tight enough that the stick doesn’t move.

Step 5: Take some great pipe cleaners and wrap them around a pencil. This will give you that cute curly cue look. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick to secure it. You can add as many or as little pipe cleaner tendrils as you want.

Step 6: The last thing left to do is to add a cute bow. You can make any type of bow you’d like but I really love the re-fabbed bow. It is easy to make and looks adorable! You can watch a tutorial on how to make this bow HERE.

If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube 


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