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    Make ahead Breakfast Burritos

    Make ahead Breakfast Burritos Keeping some of these easy Make ahead Breakfast Burritos on hand will make your mornings extra enjoyable. I love knowing that I only have one mess to clean up from breakfast, for the ENTIRE week! And the mess is really not that bad. Usually, it consists of 1 electric skillet, a cutting board, a bowl, and of course, a few utensils. See, easy peasy, not even enough to fully load the dishwasher ūüėČ Paper plates also help to keep the mess minimal. Now, I know I said these are Make ahead Breakfast Burritos, and they are, but my mom also had another great idea. She suggested…

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    11 Before School Breakfast Ideas

    With all the stress of a new school year starting, there is no room to stress over breakfast. I’ve got ya covered in this round-up of quick and easy breakfast recipes. Make your mornings delicious, not stressful, ¬†with these 11 recipes; the kids will thank you! =) Recipe’s from –¬†Ally’s Sweet & SavoryEats: 1.)¬†Make ahead breakfast scrambles… for the FREEZER! 2.)¬†(10 minute) Blender mini muffins ¬†   Recipe from – Mama Likes to Cook: 3.)¬†Pumpkin overnight oats¬†   Recipes From – ¬†Living Sweet Moments:¬† 4.) ¬† French toast waffles 5.)¬†2 ingredient banana pancakes¬† Recipe’s from- Freebie Finding Mom: 6.)¬†Easy breakfast Pizza¬† 7.)¬†Homemade cinnamon spice coconut oil granola¬†   Recipe from-…

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    Bottom of the Pan Patties

    I made these patties for my mom. She loves the crusty stuff that sticks to the bottom of the pans (meatloaf, roast chicken, roast beef, etc.) or as we call it, the “goop”. I made this recipe to sort of resemble that flavor. I made some of these up a few days ago and gave my husband a plate to take to work for the guys… The man who we bought the sausage from told my husband he has been around sausage for 40 years and never tasted something that good, that’s when I was sure this recipe was a keeper. =) Bottom of the Pan Patties Ingredients: 1-1 1/4…