• DIY Moss Balls
    DIY Crafts,  Easter

    DIY Moss Balls

    DIY Moss Balls  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  Lately, I have been seeing tons woodsy decor done up with moss. I thought it would be fun to try to make some mossy decor of my own. I headed straight to my favorite place, the Dollar Tree to see what they had for me to work with. As usual, they didn’t disappoint. I found a few different types of moss. I really liked the looks of the floral moss so I grabbed a few bags. I knew I wanted to make them round so I came across some ping pong balls and knew they would be perfect for…

  • Dollar Tree Bell Makeover
    Christmas,  DIY Crafts

    Dollar Tree Bell Makeover

      Dollar Tree Bell Makeover Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube (Coming soon) A while back one of my sweet followers shared with me a picture of a bowl that she painted to look like enamel ware. Along with the picture she also explained the technique she used to achieve the enameled look. With that in mind I knew I had to try something similar with these bells from the dollar tree. Except I didn’t want the enamel wear look, I wanted the rusty look. Using her technique along with a few products from Walmart I was able to achieve the rusty look I was going for. Let…

  • Stocking Ornaments
    Christmas,  DIY Crafts

    Stocking Ornaments

    Stocking Ornaments  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  On a live a few days ago I showed you all an idea I had for these mini stockings I found at Walmart. During that live I also told you I had a few other ideas for these stockings and this is one of them! I decided to turn them into little ornaments for my Christmas tree and they are adorable! Let me show you how I made these stocking ornaments. Materials: Mini stockings from Walmart ( You get 4 for .98 cents! ) Left over morning coffee ( This is optional, but I love the coffee dyed look!) old…

  • DIY Flower Ornament
    Christmas,  DIY Crafts

    DIY Flower Ornament

      Flower Ornament  Pin me! – Pinterst  Watch me! – YouTube  Every year for Christmas my sister normally takes of the decorating of my moms house. As she was decorating this year she showed these gorgeous flower ornaments that she bought. I fell in love with the ornament but not the price. I knew I wanted to recreate them and I also knew it wouldn’t be that difficult and I was right! As soon as I found the right supplies this little craft went together fairly easy. Not only was it easy but it also didn’t brake the bank. I think this entire project cost under $5 to make. Although,…

  • Paint Stick Chalkboard Easel
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Paint Stick Chalkboard Easel

    Paint Stick Chalkboard Easel  Pin me! – Pinterest Lately I’ve been pretty fascinated with paint sticks. In fact, every time I go to Lowes I’ve been grabbing a few. Originally I wanted to make a frame with them but quickly realized these paint sticks would make a pretty adorable easel. Although, I may still make a frame sometime soon! What you will need: 5 paint sticks small chalk board ( I found mine in the craft department at Walmart for $2) small hinge ( I bought a pack of 4 at Lowes for around $2) screw driver stain or paint of your choice hot glue gun and  glue sticks Twine…

  • Dollar Tree Reversed Canvas
    DIY Crafts

    Dollar Tree Reversed Canvas

    Pin this DIY – Pinterest Dollar Tree Reversed Canvas When my Nana passed she left me a ton of old, handwritten, recipes. I wanted to find a cute way to display them. Reversed canvases have been pretty popular lately so I decided to give it a go using a small canvas I found at the dollar tree. I also bought a small frame holder so I could sit it in. This worked perfectly! I’m loving how this turned out! Supplies: Canvas from Dollar tree ( Make sure you get one with a wooden frame. You can buy any size you’d like, I bought one that would fit by grandmas old…

  • Turkey Kielbasa Stir Fry

    Turkey Kielbasa Stir Fry

      Turkey Kielbasa Stir Fry I mainly share recipes that my family enjoys, but once in awhile I like to share a recipe that I do not particularly care for but has rave reviews by others. One of those is this recipe for Turkey Kielbasas Stir Fry. This is one of my mom’s recipes. She also happens to be a genius in the kitchen, which is probably where I get it from! When I get stuck or need some inspiration I normally turn to her for advice. As mentioned, this is not on my favorite recipes, and it’s mostly due to the fact that it includes onions and peppers. Those…

  • Taco Soup
    Appetizers,  Main Dish

    Taco Chili

    Ingredients: 1 (64 oz) bottle of v8 juice 1 pound ground beef 1 packet taco seasoning ( I use mild) 1 (15.5 oz) can light kidney beans 1 (15.5 oz) can black beans 1 (15.5 oz) can corn 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 table spoon peanut butter – optional ( I know what you are thinking, peanut butter??!! Yes, peanut butter! My mom has always made her chili this way, and now, that’s how I do it too. The peanut butter just helps to thicken the chili . It also leaves this little hint of flavor that your guests can’t quit figure out, but makes them say, yum! ) Toppings-…