• Canvas Gift Bag Pillow
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    Canvas Gift Bag Pillow

    Canvas Gift Bag Pillows Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  It’s almost time to start decorating for Christmas. I’m always wanting cute pillows for my couch but I never want to spend the money on them. Especially around Christmas time when there’s so much money already being spent. This year that is going to change. I have found a super cheap alternative to buying decorative Christmas pillows by using Canvas Gift Bags! These are so easy to make and come in many different prints and sizes! They would also make a perfect gift for someone! Let me show you how I made them!: Materials: Canvas gift bag of…

  • Scrap Wood Santa
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    Scrap Wood Santa

    Scrap Wood Santa  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is my jam. So I knew I wanted to show you all how to make this scrap wood Santa. We made this on live a few weeks ago. Until I figure out how to upload my videos to my website you will have to watch it on facebook. Materials: Scrap piece of wood (Mine was 5 1/2 inches wide X 21 7/8 inches long) red paint ( I used acrylic but just about any type of paint would do!) sanding block Antiquing paint or stain (optional) Coffee dyed flour sack or any…