• Fuzzy Christmas Tree
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    Fuzzy Christmas Tree

    Fuzzy Christmas Tree Pint me!- Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube  I am so in love with this Fuzzy Christmas Tree! If you watched the live then you know I stumbled across this idea on accident. I actually had a different craft in mind for both the cardboard tree form and the boa. But, after looking at the both of them together in my cart I realized they needed to be a thing. From the image I had in my mind I knew this was going to be pretty, but wow, it is even prettier than what I imagined! Materials: Cardboard tree form from Hobby Lobby ( You may want to…

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    Gift bag Christmas sign

    Gift bag Christmas sign Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  I found these cute canvas gift bags at Walmart the other day. I thought they were adorable and knew I wanted to do something with them. I decided to turn them into fun signs for Christmas. I plan on making myself one of these along with a few to handout as gifts. They are pretty easy to make once you get them centered. Let me show you how: Materials: Canvas Christmas gift bag Paint Sticks chop saw or a way to cut the paint sticks down Cardboard Mod Podge Paint brushes stain or paint for the paint sticks…

  • Glittered Santa Clause Initials
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    Glittered Santa Clause Initials

    Glitter Santa Clause Initials Pin me! – Pinterest  This DIY is so much fun if you like glitter as much as I do. If you watched the live on the fuzzy trees I made then you know I was looking for a third tree to go in-between the other two. Because I could not find a third tree in the size I wanted I decided to make these glittery initials  to go in-between. I actually like this more than if I would have found a third tree! This project is so easy to make, let me show you how! Materials: Cardboard letters ( Initials- S&C for Santa Clause or S&N…

  • Dollar Tree Stocking Ornaments
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    Dollar Tree Stocking Ornaments

    Dollar Tree Stocking Ornaments  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  We are now moving into all things Christmas here at BurlapKitchen.com. As I said before, I like to get Christmas DIY’s out early so you have plenty of time to make them all! I found these felt stockings at the Dollar Tree and I knew I wanted to do something with them. They make the perfect stencil! The felt was a little too flimsy for what I wanted to do so I decided just to trace them. I used some cardboard from my last Sams Club trip. You all have me hooked on that store now! A few…

  • Framed Burlap Christmas Trees
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    Framed Burlap Christmas Trees

    Framed Burlap Christmas Trees Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  You all know I love me some Dollar tree! Just about every time I go there I am drawn to the picture frames. There’s so many different things that can be done with them. Like these little Framed Burlap Christmas Trees! This was kind of one of those crafts I made just to use up a few left over craft items I had laying around the house. This project was so fun to make and turned out super cute! Let me show you how to make one of your own! Materials:  Picture frame paint if you’d like! paint…