• Candy cane ornament
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    Candy cane ornament

    When I went to Walmart the other day they had a big display of napkins and paper plates right inside the door. These candy cane napkins popped out at me right away! I knew they had to come home with me so I threw a pack in my cart.  It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to do with them. I thought they would make a super cute, whimsical like ornament! I had some red tinsel left over from a previous craft that complimented these napkins perfectly. I also had a few extra wood planks form the Dollar Tree that I knew would be the…

  • Present ornament
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    Present ornament

    Ok, friends… I legit went to the store just to buy pudding to make these cute present ornaments, haha! I knew the pudding boxes would be the perfect size for them and who doesn’t love some pudding? The only downside to this is that when I go to make the pudding, I will have to google the instructions on how to make it, LOL.  To wrap the pudding box, I used a mens dress shirt that I bought at Goodwill. Men’s dress shirts are awesome for crafting, by the way! Any time I see a cute one, I snag it up for my craft stash. But, before making a special…

  • DIY can of Who Hash
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    DIY can of Who Hash

    DIY can of Who Hash  Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube Hey, Friends! This past weekend we went to stay with my in-laws for a few days. While we were there my husband helped his step Dad clean the garage.. fun times, ha! They had this old Foldgers coffee tin in the garbage pile so I had to snatch it up! After thinking on it for a day or two I knew exactly what to do with it! Since Christmas is coming, I’ve decided to turn it into a can of Who Hash and it turned out adorable! Let me show you how to make one of your…

  • Picture Frame Chalkboard
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    Picture Frame Chalkboard

    Picture Frame Chalkboard  Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube This Picture frame chalkboard is a really cute way to decorate for Christmas this year. I love that I can put new sayings on it anytime I want. I call it a chalkboard because of the chalk stencils that can be used on it. Let me show you how fun this one is to make! Materials: Picture frame from Walmart – any size would like Chalk paint in the color you would like – I used Holly Berry from A Frayed Knot paint line ‘Chalkboard paint.. Since we have to use the shiny side you could probably get away…

  • Upcycled Dollar Tree Pumpkin Snowman Head
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    Upcycled Dollar Tree Pumpkin Snowman Head

    Upcycled Dollar Tree Pumpkin Snowman Head Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! YouTube This upcycled Dollar Tree Pumpkin Snowman head is the perfect decoration if you are on a budget this year. It is super easy to make and looks adorable! Not to mention they would make awesome gifts! Let me show you how to make them: Materials:  Foam pumpkin from Dollar Tree Drop Cloth (You can find this at most home-improvement stores with the paint) Snowman hat ornament from Dollar Tree spanish moss 2 buttons for eyes orange paint and paint brush Black fabric marker ( A fine-point sharpie might work for this, also.) Blush Q-Tip box cutter hot…

  • DIY Faux Snowballs
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    DIY Faux Snowballs

        When I was a kid my mom used to make these DIY faux snowballs all the time. She is pretty crafty, so that’s where I get it, lol! I love this faux snowball project because there’s so many different ways you can decorate with them! You could stick them in some garland, a dough bowl, or even one of the very popular tiered trays all the crafters have been making. You could also insert some white eye hooks and make a loop with some fishing line so you can hang them from your Christmas tree. Now, I do want to give you a fair warning, this project is…