• Baseball & Ladybug Magnets
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    Baseball & Ladybug Magnets

    Baseball & Ladybug Magnets  Last year I was playing around with cement and came up with a very creative way to make some cute magnets. I wanted to make a baseball magnet to hang my sons baseball picture on the fridge. While I was painting them I came up with the idea for the ladybugs. I love how these turned out! I have a few more cement projects up my sleeve for 2019. Supplies: Mini plastic paint tray round magnets ( you can find these in the craft section @ Walmart) Cement ( I use fast setting underlayment) water bowl to mix cement ( empty cool whip containers work great!)…

  • Bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder
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    Bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder

    Bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder  This bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder is fairly easy to make and will look adorable in the yard. And, as long as you have some of the materials on hand, this project should be somewhat inexpensive. Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!  =) The Drilling Process  I went through the drilling process twice so I could find the easiest method for you. A few cracked pots and many striped drill blades later and I believe I found it! The key to drilling through the clay quickly seems to be a wet clay pot and a glass and tile drill bit. Now you will…