• How to make a DIY Easter hop sign using Dollar Tree wood pallets
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    Dollar Tree Pallet Hop Sign

      Today, I am so happy to be sharing with you all how to make a DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Hop sign.  When I saw these cute Dollar Tree wood pallets, I knew they would be perfect to use for a DIY Easter sign.  Using three of these small wood pallets, I created an adorable Easter “HOP” sign.  As you know by now, I love using Dollar Tree supplies to craft with because they are so budget-friendly and cute!  This beautiful Easter décor sign would be the perfect addition to your spring décor.  I also think this Easter DIY “HOP” sign would make a cute Easter gift!    Materials needed: …

  • Fabric Carrot Frame

    Fabric Carrot Frame

    Fabric Carrot Frame Pin me! – Pinterest The other day I made a Facebook showing you all this scrap fabric Christmas tree frame I made a few months ago. Do you remember how I said it would be cute to do carrots for spring? Well, I did just that and it turned out pretty darn cute! This projects was so easy and fun to make, let me show you how: Materials: Picture frame (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree) Waverly Chalk paint (I used the color plaster) Sanding block Scrap book paper orange burlap raffia ribbon button (Optional) Hot glue gun and glue sticks Step 1: Take both the…

  • Dollar Tree Napkin Ornaments
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    Dollar Tree Napkin Ornaments

    Dollar Tree Napkin Ornaments Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube (Coming Soon)  These little ornaments turned out so cute and only cost me about $2 to make! Of course, I already had the Mod Podge and paint brush on hand. (FYI- Mod Podge is a must have craft supply for me. I always have some on hand. Here is a link to what I use Mod Podge.) I’m still deciding what I am going to do with these cute little ornaments. I’m thinking about using some twine and make a garland with them. Tell me what you plan to do with them?! Materials: Napkins (I found the ones…

  • Easter Bunny Picture Fame
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    Easter Bunny Picture Fame

    Easter Bunny Picture Frame  Pin this DIY – Pinterest  Supplies: Picture frame (I bought mine at a thrift store) Chalk paint ( I used the spray paint kind but any chalk paint will do!) printed sheet music ( I coffee dyed mine) mod Podge Paint brushes Easter bunny ( I ripped mine off a sign I bought at the dollar tree) Spanish moss ( This can be found at the dollar tree) lavender sprigs ( I bought a few bundles at Walmart for $0.97 a piece) Hot glue gun & Glue sticks Step one: The first thing I did was to take out the glass part of the picture frame. I…

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    Cement Easter Egg Dish

    Cement Easter egg Dish Click here to watch this DIY – YouTube Pin for later – Pinterest Supplies Cement ( I use fast setting underlayment. I buy 25 pound bags and store them in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid) water old or cheap bowl ( Empty cool whip containers work great for this!) old spoon ( cheap wooden spoons work great for this!) Cooking spray 2 different sized eggs. I found one at the Dollar Tree and one at Walmart. You want them to nestle inside of each other to form an indent. Something heavy to keep the egg in place while drying ( Rocks work great!) If…

  • Rustic Easter eggs coffee
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    How to Make Jumbo Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

    Being Consistent  Last week I told you a little bit about my game plan for becoming a more consistent blogger. I have been doing tons of research lately and as it turns out I am not the only blogger with this issue. I find it even more difficult since I am a creative person. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t finish ANYTHING. I start a million projects and go from one project to the next without ever finishing any of them. So my next step in becoming a better and more consistent blogger is to give myself finish dates. I’d call them deadlines but I feel that word puts…

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    25 Easter Recipes & Crafts!

    1.)  Jelly Bean Bark ( Click link for recipe) From – How to have it All ( click here to visit homepage) 2.) Pretzel Chicks ( click link for recipe) From- Simplee Thrifty ( Click here to visit home page) 3.) Easter Chick Cup Cakes ( click link for recipe) From- Thrifty DIY Diva ( Click link to visit home page) 4.) 101 NON Candy Easter Basket ideas for kids  (click link for ideas)      From- Ann’s Entitled Life ( Click link to visit homepage) 5.) Mini Egg Cup Easter Basket Craft Project ( Click link for craft)      From- Jinxy Kids (  click link to visit home page…