• How to make a farmhouse style Thanksgiving turkey DIY
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    How to make a farmhouse style Thanksgiving turkey DIY

    I am so happy to share how to make a farmhouse style Thanksgiving turkey DIY!  This farmhouse inspired fall décor turkey is budget-friendly; most of the craft supplies needed to create this turkey project can be found at The Dollar Tree.  I think this cute Thanksgiving turkey craft would be so much fun to do with your kiddos.  Also, sometimes I struggle to find Thanksgiving décor, but this adorable farmhouse style turkey DIY will have all of your Thanksgiving Day dinner guests smiling!    Materials needed: 3 fence boards + 1 for the back to hold all of them together  Drill & screws   Paper doilies  – Dollar Tree  Spoon…

  • Dollar Tree Crate Craft (Fall scene)
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Dollar Tree Crate Craft (Fall scene)

    Dollar Tree Crate Craft (Fall scene) Pine me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube I had so much making this Dollar Tree Crate Craft (Fall Scene) with you all the other night I knew I had to make a blog post for it! This would be so much fun to do with the kiddos! You could send them on a scavenger hunt for the pinecones and sticks and then sit down and craft together.  I love the addition of the tea light by the fire wood. I think it makes it look like a camp fire. Let me show you how simple and fun this was to make! Materials:  4…

  • Braided fabric pumpkin frame
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Braided fabric pumpkin frame

    Braided fabric pumpkin frame Watch me! – YouTube (Coming soon!)  Pin me! – Pinterest  This braided fabric pumpkin frame is the absolute cutest! Not only that, it is super simple to make! Let me show you how you can make one of your own for this fall 2020 season. Materials:  Braided fabric – See how to do this HERE Picture painted farmhouse style  – See how to do this HERE cardboard Cute scrap book paper – I’ll be using buffalo check Mod Podge paint brush stick from the backyard raffia spanish moss floral wire cute tag stamps for tag hot glue gun and glue sticks staple gun (hot glue will…

  • Candy Corn Garland
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Candy Corn Garland

    Candy Corn Garland  Pin me! – Pinterest  Once again, I want to say that decorating your home does not have to be expensive. I bought a pack of paper plates at the dollar tree and it has made me a TON of garland. I even have left over plates for another craft! You will have to excuse the above picture of the garland, it turns out taking pictures of garland is a lot harder than I anticipated. Just take my word for it, its cute! Let me show you how I made it: Materials: White paper plates Orange & Yellow acrylic paint paint brush Left over coffee & a bowl…

  • Fall Leaf Jewelry
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Fall Leaf Jewelry

    Fall Leaf Jewelry  I collected some leaves while going for a morning walk a few weeks ago. When I got back home I sat the leaves on my whiteboard and stared at them while finishing up another DIY post. I knew I wanted to do something fun with them but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had a small container of cement sitting on my craft table and instantly went to google to search what I could do with leaves and cement. I found a TON of cool stuff but the coolest was a project called leaf casting. If you’ve never heard of this then I highly recommend looking it…

  • Scarecrow Wreath
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Scarecrow Wreath

    Scarecrow Wreath Remember earlier this month when I said this scarecrow wreath wouldn’t be the cutest? Well… I lied. It’s flipping adorable! Not only is it adorable but it’s a lot less messy than making a full scarecrow. It’s also very inexpensive to make. If you’re looking to make a full-bodied scarecrow check out the one my mom made a few years ago by clicking this link —>DIY  SCARECROW  Materials Needed:  wreath frame flannel shirt ( check your husbands closet or a local thrift store) Top hat ( I found mine at the dollar tree) straw Embellishments ( I used leaf garland from the dollar tree, an old hankie from…

  • Flannel & Pine Cone Garland
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    Flannel & Pine Cone Garland

    Flannel & Pine Cone Garland  Most of the supplies needed for this Flannel & Pinecone Garland can be found right at your fingertips! We went to the local park to gather all the pinecones along with a few other supplies for another craft. Since my husband didn’t have any old flannels that I liked I headed to the Goodwill and picked some up. I bought the sunflowers at the dollar tree and while I was there I found that they also sell raffia and twine. I would use the raffia, but I would advise against the twine, as I don’t think it will be long enough or strong enough. You can head to…