• DIY Pumpkin Garden Flag
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    DIY Pumpkin Garden Flag

    DIY Pumpkin Garden Flag Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  Now that the kiddos are almost back to school I am thinking about all the fall things! I wanted a cute pumpkin garden flag  for my front yard but couldn’t find one that I was in love with, so I decided to make one! This flag is so simple to make and turned out so cute! Let me show you how to make one for your yard! Materials: Blank burlap flag ( You can get one HERE) Pumpkin pattern ( I buy the wooden ones from dollar tree) Orange material (The size will vary depending on the size…

  • Wood Block Pumpkins
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    Wood Block Pumpkins

    Wood Block Pumpkins  Pin Me! – Pinterest  The other day while at Lowes I picked up an untreated 4x4x6. I can’t remember the cost, I think around $10. But, for $10 this one piece of lumber is going to make me a couple cute crafts. These wood block pumpkins were my main reason for buying the 4×4. I got my hubby to cut them down to size and I did the rest, of course. These were so easy to make, let me show you how you can make them, too! Materials: 4×4 orange paint antiquing paint if you want a more rustic look Paint brush Sanding block (Only needed if…

  • Bath Luffa Pumpkin
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    Bath Luffa Pumpkin

    Bath Luffa Pumpkin  Pin Me! – Pinterest  Fall is quickly approaching and I’ve been working on some DIY’s to add to my decor. I always struggle with my bathroom. My bathroom is small… very small. I wanted something seasonal that would also tie in with my bathroom so I came up with these luffa pumpkins. I can’t even handle how cute these are! And they are so easy to make, let me show you! Materials: Bath Luffa ( I wanted some tan and white ones also but couldn’t find any) stain or coffee if you like the grungy look (If you chose the stain method you’ll need a foam brush)…

  • Flannel & Pine Cone Garland
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    Flannel & Pine Cone Garland

    Flannel & Pine Cone Garland  Most of the supplies needed for this Flannel & Pinecone Garland can be found right at your fingertips! We went to the local park to gather all the pinecones along with a few other supplies for another craft. Since my husband didn’t have any old flannels that I liked I headed to the Goodwill and picked some up. I bought the sunflowers at the dollar tree and while I was there I found that they also sell raffia and twine. I would use the raffia, but I would advise against the twine, as I don’t think it will be long enough or strong enough. You can head to…

  • Wooden Pumpkins
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    Wooden Pumpkins

      Wooden Pumpkins  These wooden pumpkins are a cute way to dress up your home for fall at a fairly low cost. I am going to give measurements for these but feel free to make them whatever size you’d like! This is a perfect craft to use up those old scraps of wood laying around in the garage! Materials List: 1x6x6 Board 1 shim ( for the stem) chop saw ( If you do not have one of these your local home improvement stores may cut the wood for you) Sander & Sandpaper Spray paint ( Orange, green, & black) stain – Here’s what I like to use: Old rags…

  • Cement Candy Corn Yard Ornaments
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    Cement Candy Corn Yard Ornaments

    Cement Candy Corn Yard Ornaments  These Cement candy corns are fun to make and will be a great addition to your fall decor. Because they are made out of cement they are durable enough to use both inside and outside. I have made 4 of these and plan on using mine randomly outside in amongst my flowers. Materials needed: Cement ( I like to use a fast setting underlayment, It’s a little more expensive but I like that it sets within minutes of pouring.) cheap plastic bowl cheap wooden spoon water Traffic cones from the dollar tree cooking spray paper towel sandpaper paint ( white, orange, and yellow) paint brush…

  • Fall Decor
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    DIY Tomato Stake Fall Tree

    DIY Tomato Stake Fall Tree I have been seeing these around everywhere lately and decided to try making one of my own. They are really easy to make and look so stinking cute! I wish I would have made one last year! I want to mention that in the photo above I made a mistake, I should have wrapped the lights on and THEN the Burlap ribbon. You can see how it looks a little funny with the lights going around the burlap.. Oops! Also, it will probably look a lot cuter once those mums beside it bloom 😉 What you will need:  Tomato Stake 7-8 Packs of leaf garland…

  • No fail DIY
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    DIY Burlap Napkin rings

    DIY Burlap Napkin Rings The other day I was pondering about all the strange things I know being a DIY/food blogger and one of those strange things is the fact that I know a toilet paper roll is 4 inches long. I mean that’s not normal, is it?  I’ve been kind of obsessed with empty toilet paper rolls lately. There’s so many cool DIY projects you can do with them as you will be seeing over the next couple months (that was your warning). But I am in love with these burlap napkin rings that I made. These are very inexpensive to make and fairly easy! I think they would…

  • Dollar Tree Fall Crafts
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    DIY * Dollar Tree White Pumpkins

    // What you will need: Old T-shirt ( OR, I saw material at walmart that felt like T-shirt material and it was all ready a coffee dyed color… I think it was called cheese cloth?? If you use that, you will only need (I’m guessing) 1/2 a yard for 3-4  pumpkins. And you can skip the coffee dye step.) cheap coffee for dying (dollar tree sales it!) Dollar Tree bouquet of fall flowers ( you need 2 flowers per pumpkin) Dollar Tree foam pumpkin ( as many as you want to make) scissors burlap ribbon ( I bought mine at walmart, but saw some at the dollar tree the next…

  • Candy Corn Craft
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    Candy Corn Magnets

    What you need: cupcake papers ( 1 cupcake paper makes 1 candy corn magnet) Button magnets (found in the craft department at Walmart) 3 paint brushes (one for each color of paint) Orange, Yellow, & White paint ( I used the acrylic, plaid brand, paint at Walmart. It’s about $1 a bottle) Glitter ( I used white) Glue ( I used a hot glue gun because it dries fast, but school glue would work fine, too) How to make them: 1.) First you need to fold your cupcake papers in half, then in half again, then again. With each fold place a small dab of glue to keep them from…