• Fall decoration using a can
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    Fall decoration using a can

    Fall Decoration using a can  Pin me! – Pinterest  I always say that making beautiful decorations for your home does not have to be expensive. If you learn to think outside the box and use the things you already have on hand, then the options are literally endless. I made this cute little decoration from left over corn on the cob and a can of green beans! Let me show you how!   Materials: can white chalk paint twine ribbon brown paper tag stamp ( I found a pack of leaf stamps at JoAnn fabrics for under $5) Dried Corn stalks How to:  Step 1: First, dry all the corn…

  • Candy Corn Craft
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    Candy Corn Magnets

    What you need: cupcake papers ( 1 cupcake paper makes 1 candy corn magnet) Button magnets (found in the craft department at Walmart) 3 paint brushes (one for each color of paint) Orange, Yellow, & White paint ( I used the acrylic, plaid brand, paint at Walmart. It’s about $1 a bottle) Glitter ( I used white) Glue ( I used a hot glue gun because it dries fast, but school glue would work fine, too) How to make them: 1.) First you need to fold your cupcake papers in half, then in half again, then again. With each fold place a small dab of glue to keep them from…