• Flour Sack Pumpkin
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Flour Sack Pumpkin

    Flour Sack Pumpkins  Pin me! – Pinterest  I’m always looking for cute inexpensive ways to decorate my home. I came across these flour sacks at Walmart and thought they would make adorable pumpkins, I was right! These were so easy to make and 1 pack of flour sacks will make at LEAST 5 pumpkins. You could always cut the sacks down to make different sized pumpkins. *TIP– I originally found the flour sacks in the craft department. I want to say they were something like 3 for $5. After walking around Walmart for a little a found a 5 pack of flour sacks for $5 in with the tea towels.…

  • Wood Block Pumpkins
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Wood Block Pumpkins

    Wood Block Pumpkins  Pin Me! – Pinterest  The other day while at Lowes I picked up an untreated 4x4x6. I can’t remember the cost, I think around $10. But, for $10 this one piece of lumber is going to make me a couple cute crafts. These wood block pumpkins were my main reason for buying the 4×4. I got my hubby to cut them down to size and I did the rest, of course. These were so easy to make, let me show you how you can make them, too! Materials: 4×4 orange paint antiquing paint if you want a more rustic look Paint brush Sanding block (Only needed if…

  • Bath Luffa Pumpkin
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    Bath Luffa Pumpkin

    Bath Luffa Pumpkin  Pin Me! – Pinterest  Fall is quickly approaching and I’ve been working on some DIY’s to add to my decor. I always struggle with my bathroom. My bathroom is small… very small. I wanted something seasonal that would also tie in with my bathroom so I came up with these luffa pumpkins. I can’t even handle how cute these are! And they are so easy to make, let me show you! Materials: Bath Luffa ( I wanted some tan and white ones also but couldn’t find any) stain or coffee if you like the grungy look (If you chose the stain method you’ll need a foam brush)…

  • Scarecrow DIY
    DIY Crafts,  Fall

    DIY Scarecrow

    //   DIY Scarecrow  Scarecrows are a fun way to dress up the outside of your home for fall. * My mom said the hay made her very itchy, so I recommend wearing pants, long sleeves, and gloves to make these. Materials:  1 bale of hay (every time I try to say hay bale it always comes out hale Bay… just in case you were wondering 😉 )  1 pair of old jeans 1 old button up flannel twine scissors a stick or small board to support the scarecrow head hammer & nails Permanent markers straw hat bandanna or a men’s  handkerchief someone to help ya ( It takes 2…