• Dollar Tree lantern makeover
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    Dollar Tree lantern makeover

    The other day I was at my friend, Jess’s, house and she was showing me some of her Christmas stuff. She also showed me a few things that her dad “grunged” for her. I asked her how he did and and she told me he used this multi-colored texturized paint. I told her that I would be looking for all the things that I can “grunge” this week, haha. Starting with this Dollar Tree lantern makeover!  My first thought was to head to the Dollar Tree. I remembered seeing patterns there. They were cute, but just no my style. Because of that, I never thought to grab them, that is,…

  • DIY Stocking wall hanger
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    DIY Stocking wall hanger

    This DIY Stocking wall hanger is a craft I made years ago. I honestly can’t believe I never did a blog post on it because it is so easy! I really think you are going to love this one! One of the main items you will need for this craft is some baby socks. Obviously, if you have little ones that have out grown their socks, I would use those. But, because my Kiddo is 9 (today is his birthday!) I didn’t have any and had to buy some. I actually bought mine at Target because the Dollar General did not have them. I would definitely recommend checking the Dollar…