• How to make a wood bowl lemon planter
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    How to make a wood bowl lemon planter

    Hey friend, come see my thrift store find and what I did with it. If you see one of these wood bowls, I suggest grabbing one. There are so many cute things you can do with them. I turned mine into a cute wood bowl lemon planter. Some paint or napkins will totally transform one of these bowls.   The next time you are at a thrift store, make sure to check out all the cute pots, pans, too. They seriously make some of the cutest planters. All you need to do is drill a hole in the bottom of them for some drainage. If the tin ones are too…

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    DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

    DIY Coffee Filter Flowers  Remember the other week when I showed you how to dye coffee filters with coffee? You are going to need a few of those for this project. If you missed it just click this link —-> How to Dye Coffee Filters using Coffee & Food Dye Supplies: Dyed Coffee Filters Scissors hot glue gun and glue sticks Wooden Shish kabob sticks ( I use 8 or 12 inch) Floral tape 1.  FOLD THE FILTERS: To make one flower you will need 4 coffee filters. Fold all of the coffee filters in half, then in half again, then in half again, use your thumbs and really press and crease…