• Bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder
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    Bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder

    Bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder  This bubble Gum Machine Bird Feeder is fairly easy to make and will look adorable in the yard. And, as long as you have some of the materials on hand, this project should be somewhat inexpensive. Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!  =) The Drilling Process  I went through the drilling process twice so I could find the easiest method for you. A few cracked pots and many striped drill blades later and I believe I found it! The key to drilling through the clay quickly seems to be a wet clay pot and a glass and tile drill bit. Now you will…

  • Bird Seed Wreath
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    Bird Seed Wreath

    Bird Seed Wreath You are going to love how easy this DIY Bird Seed Wreath is to make! Not only is it easy but it’s also an inexpensive way to spruce up the backyard. I just put my wreath out today so the birds are still a little wary of it. As soon as they get comfortable with it I will be sure to post more pictures. Materials: 1 – 8 Inch grapevine wreath  A few sprigs of fake flowers ( Bright red & pink seem to attract hummingbirds!) Ribbon of your choice Wooden Tag ( you can get these in the craft section at Walmart for .98¢) Floral wire Scissors wire cutters…

  • DIY Lighthouse Bird Feeder
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    DIY Lighthouse Bird Feeder

    DIY Lighthouse Bird Feeder You can make this super cute DIY Lighthouse Bird Feeder using just a few supplies from the dollar tree. I will warn you, gluing the stones on takes some patience. Because of this I left all the supplies out in my craft room and glued a little each night while watching TV. It took a little time but the birds seem to LOVE it! Supplies:  Small traffic cones ( I got these at the dollar tree in with the school supplies) Small fan or something to work as a balcony ( I also got mine at the dollar tree) 4 packs of stone ( from dollar…