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    Orange Creamsicle Float

    // This post was originally meant for Friday, but my excitement has me posting today. I also had a little extra time on my hands since my mom picked up my son for the day. This is a recipe that I made for my husband, he is a big fan of anything orange. I wanted to make him a drink that resembled an orange creamsicle popsicle (wow, say that 3 times fast!). This drink has a silky texture and is flavored with Oranges, vanilla ice cream, and cream soda…. can you say YUM?? Orange Creamsicle Float Ingredients for 2 (16oz) ¬†Floats : 1 orange 1/4 Cup orange soda (chilled) 1…

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    Sweet Frog, Burnham, PA Review

    SWEET (F) Fully (R) Rely (O) On (G) God If you are ever in the Lewistown/Burnham, Pa area, stopping in at Sweet Frog is a MUST. This Sweet Frog is family run and new to the area. They offer over 14 different flavors of frozen yogurt, and 21 if you count the middle flavors, which are a twist! And if you think that is crazy, wait till you see the toppings! They have just about anything you could dream up in your head to top your frozen yogurt with.. and I mean ANYTHING! Here are just a few of the 70 toppings they offer- potato chips, gummies, pretzels, lunch cakes,…