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    Scrap wood photo Block

    Scrap Wood Photo Block  Pin me! – Pinterest  This year for Christmas I plan on making little gift baskets for friends and family. These scrap wood photos are going to be the perfect, inexpensive gift to add to each basket. I have tons of scrap wood down in my garage and I buy Mod Podge in bulk. I decided to use chalk paint because I prefer the looks of it, but I think you could totally get away with using acrylic paints too. Not only are these easy to make but they also are quick to make. Let me show you how!   Materials: Piece of scrap wood Black &…

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    The photo that shows 3 barns board photos is me and my family. The one that has all three of us in it and the one that has just my son are both tacky still, that’s why it looks white and you can see streaks. The other photo is my photographer & her husband, she is a good friend of my families and does all my photos for free so normally I like to give her something special weather it be crafts or in this case a barn board photo. 🙂 This September a friend and I went to Sunfest for the first time, we fell instantly in love with…