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Pumpkin Patch Picture Frame


Pumpkin Patch Picture Frame 

I’ve started decorating for fall and I have so many cute projects I’m excited to share, this is one of them! I took some paint sticks I got from Lowes along with this old picture frame and made a cute little pumpkin patch.

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Easter Bunny Picture Fame

Easter Bunny Picture Frame 

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  • Picture frame (I bought mine at a thrift store)
  • Chalk paint ( I used the spray paint kind but any chalk paint will do!)
  • printed sheet music ( I coffee dyed mine)
  • mod Podge
  • Paint brushes
  • Easter bunny ( I ripped mine off a sign I bought at the dollar tree)
  • Spanish moss ( This can be found at the dollar tree)
  • lavender sprigs ( I bought a few bundles at Walmart for $0.97 a piece)
  • Hot glue gun &

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