• Felt Chick
    DIY Crafts,  Easter

    Felt Chick

      Felt Chick Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – Youtube (Coming soon!)  After getting a few questions about the  felt chick on this tiered tray I knew I needed to recreate one. While at my moms one night she had showed me a chick that she had recently made. I thought It was absolutely perfect so I stole her idea (with her permission, of course) and that’s what I decide to use. This chick is much different than the one on the tiered tray but it is just as cute, in my opinion! Let me show you how to make one of your own!: Materials: Foam Egg for a…

  • Farmhouse Mason Jar
    DIY Crafts,  Easter

    Farmhouse Mason Jar

    Farmhouse Mason Jar  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  (coming soon)  Since I was a little girl I have always had a thing for jars of any kind. I used to have a collection of them in the woods by my grams house.. they may even still be there! This love for jars has followed me right into adulthood. I love decorating with them! Let me show you how you can give a basic mason jar a farmhouse look simply by painting it! : Materials:  Mason jar chalk paint in the color of your choice paint brush sanding block ribbon raffia greenery or florals hot glue gun and…

  • Dollar Tree Pear Makeover
    DIY Crafts,  Easter,  Fall

    Dollar Tree Pear Makeover

    Dollar Tree Pear Makeover Pin me – Pinterest I have been wanting to try these cement pears for quit some time now. A while back I found these pears at my local Dollar Tree and snagged up a bunch of them. This project was a little more detailed than most of the projects I do, but it was still really fun! Let me show you how to make some cement pears of your own: Materials: Pears ( I found mine at the Dollar Tree) Rusty wire (If you don’t have any you will have to get creative. Maybe a piece of twine?) Quick drying underlayment (This is what I prefer to…