• Let it snow - Dollar Tree tag makeover
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    Let it snow – Dollar Tree tag makeover

      Hey, friends! I told you all yesterday on Facebook that my creative juices have been overflowing lately. I have so many ideas I am trying to get them all out to you as quick as possible. This Let it snow – Dollar Tree tag makeover is my favorite so far! I just love how this one turned out!   Let me show you how to make one of your own:    Materials:  Wood tag – Dollar Tree  Felt snowmen – Dollar Tree  coffee – Only if you wish to coffee dye your felt snowman  Wood letters – Dollar Tree  material for hat and scarf  button  small piece of pine …

  • Candy cane ornament
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    Candy cane ornament

    When I went to Walmart the other day they had a big display of napkins and paper plates right inside the door. These candy cane napkins popped out at me right away! I knew they had to come home with me so I threw a pack in my cart.  It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to do with them. I thought they would make a super cute, whimsical like ornament! I had some red tinsel left over from a previous craft that complimented these napkins perfectly. I also had a few extra wood planks form the Dollar Tree that I knew would be the…

  • DIY paper towel roll snowman
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    DIY paper towel roll snowman

      Hey, friends! I have been wanting to make this cute DIY paper towel roll snowman for a few days. I didn’t have an empty paper towel roll, so I took matters into my on hands and emptied the roll myself, haha! Although, I would recommend waiting … I was just a little too impatient, LOL. For this craft I will be using some of the chunky yarn that I bought at hobby lobby. This yarn is a little on the expensive side, so I suggest waiting until it goes on sale or you have a coupon to buy it. I didn’t have either so I did end up paying…

  • Dollar Tree Bell Makeover
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    Dollar Tree Bell Makeover

      Dollar Tree Bell Makeover Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube (Coming soon) A while back one of my sweet followers shared with me a picture of a bowl that she painted to look like enamel ware. Along with the picture she also explained the technique she used to achieve the enameled look. With that in mind I knew I had to try something similar with these bells from the dollar tree. Except I didn’t want the enamel wear look, I wanted the rusty look. Using her technique along with a few products from Walmart I was able to achieve the rusty look I was going for. Let…

  • Dollar Tree Christmas tag makeover
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    Dollar Tree Christmas tag makeover

      Dollar Tree Christmas tag makeover  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  As soon as I saw these tags at the Dollar Tree I knew I needed to do something cute with them. I had so many different ideas for these Dollar Tree tags but when I went back for more they were gone. So if you see them make sure to snag a few! Materials: Cardboard Christmas tag sign from the Dollar Tree Printer and Printer paper Left over morning coffee for coffee dying old cookie sheet Mod Podge Paint brush Scissors Ribbon Hot glue gun & glue sticks twine How to: Step 1: The first step is…

  • Stocking Ornaments
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    Stocking Ornaments

    Stocking Ornaments  Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube  On a live a few days ago I showed you all an idea I had for these mini stockings I found at Walmart. During that live I also told you I had a few other ideas for these stockings and this is one of them! I decided to turn them into little ornaments for my Christmas tree and they are adorable! Let me show you how I made these stocking ornaments. Materials: Mini stockings from Walmart ( You get 4 for .98 cents! ) Left over morning coffee ( This is optional, but I love the coffee dyed look!) old…

  • DIY Flower Ornament
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    DIY Flower Ornament

      Flower Ornament  Pin me! – Pinterst  Watch me! – YouTube  Every year for Christmas my sister normally takes of the decorating of my moms house. As she was decorating this year she showed these gorgeous flower ornaments that she bought. I fell in love with the ornament but not the price. I knew I wanted to recreate them and I also knew it wouldn’t be that difficult and I was right! As soon as I found the right supplies this little craft went together fairly easy. Not only was it easy but it also didn’t brake the bank. I think this entire project cost under $5 to make. Although,…

  • Dollar Tree Bells Makeover
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    Dollar Tree Bells Makeover

    Dollar Tree Bells Makeover Pin me! – Pinterest  Watch me! – YouTube (Coming soon!)  It amazes me how a little chalk paint can totally transform the looks of something, like these bells I found at the Dollar Tree. Bells are kinda my jam this year, so when I saw these bells at the Dollar Tree I knew I needed to grab some. This DIY is so easy to make and is going to look adorable on the Christmas tree we have upstairs. Let me show you how I made them! Materials: Bells from the dollar  tree ( they come in a pack of 4) white chalk paint paint brush ribbon…

  • Dollar Tree picture frame ornaments
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    Dollar Tree picture frame ornaments

    Dollar Tree picture frame ornaments Pin me! – Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube I found these little picture frames at the Dollar Tree and instantly knew I wanted to turn them into Ornaments for my Christmas tree. I made mine pretty simple but you can dress them up or down however you’d like. This is a great way to decorate your Christmas tree on a budget and it looks adorable. Let me show you how I made them! : Materials : 2×3 picture frames from the dollar tree. Each frame will make 1 ornament printer and printer paper left over morning coffee old cookie sheet scissors Mod Podge glitter paint…

  • Fuzzy Christmas Tree
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    Fuzzy Christmas Tree

    Fuzzy Christmas Tree Pint me!- Pinterest Watch me! – YouTube  I am so in love with this Fuzzy Christmas Tree! If you watched the live then you know I stumbled across this idea on accident. I actually had a different craft in mind for both the cardboard tree form and the boa. But, after looking at the both of them together in my cart I realized they needed to be a thing. From the image I had in my mind I knew this was going to be pretty, but wow, it is even prettier than what I imagined! Materials: Cardboard tree form from Hobby Lobby ( You may want to…