• DIY present for outdoor decorating
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    DIY present for outdoor decorating

    Hey, friends! Today I want to show you a really simple craft that my mom made a few years ago. This DIY present for outdoor decorating is the PERFECT way to use up some of those amazon packages. This DIY takes not time at all to make. You can whip these cute DIY presents up and decorate your front porch with them before your husband will ever know you bought anything, haha.    Because I plan to make a few of these, I bought the largest table cloth they had. They were all the same price so I figured why not?! Every year for Christmas we buy a real tree…

  • Present ornament
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    Present ornament

    Ok, friends… I legit went to the store just to buy pudding to make these cute present ornaments, haha! I knew the pudding boxes would be the perfect size for them and who doesn’t love some pudding? The only downside to this is that when I go to make the pudding, I will have to google the instructions on how to make it, LOL.  To wrap the pudding box, I used a mens dress shirt that I bought at Goodwill. Men’s dress shirts are awesome for crafting, by the way! Any time I see a cute one, I snag it up for my craft stash. But, before making a special…

  • DIY Faux Snowballs
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    DIY Faux Snowballs

        When I was a kid my mom used to make these DIY faux snowballs all the time. She is pretty crafty, so that’s where I get it, lol! I love this faux snowball project because there’s so many different ways you can decorate with them! You could stick them in some garland, a dough bowl, or even one of the very popular tiered trays all the crafters have been making. You could also insert some white eye hooks and make a loop with some fishing line so you can hang them from your Christmas tree. Now, I do want to give you a fair warning, this project is…