Thank you for joining our wait list!

When the subscription group opens you will have two options, digital or physical prints. We plan to open the subscription the last 3 days of each month. This is very new to us so if things change we will be sure to keep you updated!

Digital prints – In this option you can chose to have your prints emailed directly to your inbox at the first of every month. This option is less expensive, but will require a computer, printer and some basic computer Knowledge. You will be required to know how to upload the prints to your device and use your printer to print them out. For this option you will also be able to print out as many printables as desired.

Physical prints In this option you can chose to have your prints shipped directly to your front door. This option is slightly more expensive, but you won’t have to worry about trying to download and print printables. If you struggle with basic computer skills, or are someone who forgets to print, I would highly recommend this option. We will print two of each printable and mail them to you, for a total of 14 prints for you to have fun creating with.

As a thank you, we want to give you a free printable while you wait. We cant’t wait to see what you create with it!