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Tiered Tray DIY Butterfly

Today, I’m so excited to share this adorable tiered tray DIY butterfly with you all! As a huge fan of butterflies and crafting, I just know you’re going to love making this project.

Jenga blocks are such a versatile and affordable craft supply, and they’re perfect for letting your creativity shine. This butterfly design would be an absolute blast to make with kids – they can get as imaginative as they want with different colors, glitter, and more.

This butterfly tiered tray piece is just perfect for spring and summer decor. It’s such a cute and simple way to add a touch of whimsy to your tiered trays. I’m obsessed with how charming and eye-catching it turned out – I can’t wait for you to try making one yourself!  Here’s how:

Materials Needed:

  • Three Jenga blocks (regular sized) 
  • A small butterfly pattern/print of your liking
  • Waverly white chalk paint
  • Dixie Bell antique wax ( Get it HERE on my affiliate link)
  • Sanding Block
  • Rusty wire ( Get it HERE on my affiliate link)
  • Textured paper (Hobby Lobby)
  • Folk Art paint in the color “tea rose”
  • Hot glue/glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/pen to trace
  • Small dowel rod 

Step 1.  Take three regular-sized Jenga blocks and glue them together to create one bigger block. 

Step 2. Using a free butterfly print from the internet, use scissors to carefully cut out the butterfly print of your liking. I got my butterfly print free off of Canva. 

Step 3.  Next, take the butterfly cutout and trace it onto some textured paper.  I got this textured paper from Hobby Lobby.  Then, cut out the butterfly you just traced.  

Step 4.  Using some white chalk paint from Waverly, paint the three Jenga blocks that are glued together white.  Dry the block/blocks completely. Then, once the block is dried, take a sanding block over it. 

Step 5.  Apply some Dixie Bell antique wax over the front of the block and allow it to dry. 

Step 6.  Paint the butterfly (front and back) a color of your liking.  I used the color “tea rose” from Folk Art.  Allow the butterfly to dry.

Step 7.  Apply some Dixie Bell antique wax over the front of the butterfly just to give the project a more rustic/antique look.  Allow the butterfly to dry. 

Step 8.  Next, take a small dowel rod, cut it down so it makes the body of the butterfly, and then stain it and allow it to dry. Next, use hot glue to secure the dowel rod onto the center/body of the butterfly.  Hold it into place until it dries. 

Step 9.  Using some rusty wire, cut two small, equal pieces, glue them onto the back of the dowel rod to create the antennas for the butterfly, and allow to dry into place.

Step 10.  Hot glue the butterfly onto the center of the Jenga block and allow it to dry.  You may need to hold the butterfly down into place until it dries.  Then, use a pencil to carefully twist the wire antenna pieces to create a more rustic butterfly look.  Enjoy! 


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