Up-cycled DIY Snow Globe
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Up-cycled DIY Snow Globe

Today, I am so happy to share with you all how to create an up-cycled DIY snow globe! If you are looking to elevate your Christmas decor, then you have to give this fun and festive homemade DIY snow globe a try!  This snow globe is completely customizable to your liking, so you can add your favorite personal touches and let your creativity shine.  I added a cute little reindeer figurine and a small Christmas tree.  I also added some battery-operated fairy lights to this snow globe to really capture the Christmas spirit. 

So, discover the joy of creating your own adorable up-cycled DIY snow globe for your Christmas decor! With some simple craft supplies and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have a stunning masterpiece that looks like it was purchased from a store. Get ready for hours of fun and festive creativity with this charming holiday project. Let’s make your Christmas extra special this year!  Here’s how to make your own budget-friendly DIY snow globe:


Materials needed: 

  • Empty container that has been cleaned and dried 
  • Foam Ball ( Use a size that fits your container) 
  • Epsom salts  
  • White chalk paint 
  • buttons 
  • half bead 
  • Blush (for rosy cheeks) 
  • material for scarf 
  • Any embellishments you wish to use on the scarf 
  • ear muffs or hat 
  • Small trees and figurines for inside globe 
  • fairy lights 
  • E-6000 and hot glue 

Step 1.  Find a large, round container that is suitable for the body of a snowman.  I used an empty pretzel container I got at my local Sam’s Club.  Be sure to peel off any stickers from the container, clean it, and allow it to dry. 

Step 2.  Purchase a 7.6″ round styrofoam ball to use for the head of the snowman snow globe.  I purchased mine at Walmart.


Step 3.  Carefully use a sereted knife to flatten the bottom of the styrofoam ball so the bottom of the ball sits flat against the pretzel container lid.  So, you just want to make a flat edge on your styrofoam ball.  Be careful not to cut too much off of the styrofoam ball as we still want a big round head for the snowman.  Discard the cut away styrofoam.  I use this cute little vacuum to clean up the tiny bits of styrofoam. You can find it here on my affiliate link (CLICK HERE).


Step 4.  Using hot glue as well as a little E-600 glue, secure your styrofoam ball to the lid of the pretzel container.  Hold in place and allow to dry.  

Step 5. Use white chalk paint and paint the styrofoam ball (snowman’s head) white.  I use Waverly chalk paint in the color “plaster.”  Paint the outer rim of the pretzel container lid as well, just make sure the lid still fits securely onto the top of the container.  Allow to dry.  Be very careful if you use a heat gun to dry as you do not want to melt the styrofoam.


Step 6. Take Mod Podge and use a paint brush to generously cover the dried white chalk painted styrofoam ball with Mod Podge.  Then, before the Mod Podge dries, quickly sprinkle some Epsom Salt over top of the Mod Podge.  It may be best to complete this step working in small sections, but your entire styrofoam ball (snowman head) needs to be covered on Mod Podge and then sprinkled with Epsom Salt over top the Mod Podge.  Clean up the excess Epsom Salt from your workspace.  Allow the snowman’s head (styrofoam ball) to completely dry. Again, if you are using a heat gun for the drying process, please be very careful to not get too close or you will melt the styrofoam.  I recommend that you take this outside, spray on a sealer, and then allow it to dry completely. 

Step 7. Now we will start to decorate the inside of the empty pretzel container, which will serve as the snow globe.  I used a small reindeer figurine and a small Christmas tree to place on the inside of my snow globe.  Feel free to get creative and use whatever you like for this part.  Be sure to position your elements to your liking, place them inside of the snow globe (pretzel container), and then secure them to the bottom of the inside of the pretzel container using some E-600 glue and/or hot glue.  Hold in place until they are dry so that they do not move around.  


Step 8.  Take enough Epsom Salt to cover generously around the bottom of the snow globe and mix it with some glitter.  Next, pour this mixture all around the bottom of the snow globe so that it looks like fresh snow.  I like to use an old bowl or bucket and mix the epsom salt and glitter together before pouring it into the snow globe.  


Step 9.  Add your battery-operated fairy lights inside of the snow globe.  Then, glue the battery pack to the back of the outside of the snow globe so that the battery pack is not visible from the front of the snow globe.  These are my favorite fairy lights to use. You can find them here on my affiliate link (CLICK HERE)

Step 10. Put your snowman head (pretzel container lid) back onto the top of the snow globe (pretzel container).  


Step 11. Add a scarf around the neck of the snowman. This scarf will also serve to hide the part of the project where the lid and the snow globe (container) meet.   I like to add extra material for the scarf so that it is enough to wrap around the bottom of the snowman’s head and hang down over the snow globe a bit.  Use whatever material you like for this part. After the live I went back and switched out the material for my scarf. I also added a few embellishments to it. 

Step 12. Make your snowman’s face however you like.  I used a half wood bead for the nose, painted it an orange color, allowed it to dry, and then used hot glue and some E-600 glue to secure the nose onto the snowman’s head/face.  You will need to hold things in place until they dry. I used two larger black buttons for the snowman’s eyes, and used hot glue and some E-600 to secure.  Then, I added some blush for the cheeks using a paint pouncer. 


Step 13.  Add either a cute winter beanie hat or some cute ear muffs over the snowman’s head.  Again, feel free to be as creative as you like with this project.  

Step 14.  Enjoy your cute up-cycled DIY snow globe! 



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