Up-cycled DIY Snowman
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Up-cycled DIY Snowman

Today, I am going to share with you how to make an up-cycled DIY snowman.  This adorable snowman craft will not only bring joy to your home but will also help reduce waste. Get ready to transform an empty Sunny Delight bottle into the most adorable snowman you’ve ever seen!

I absolutely love finding creative ways to repurpose everyday items, and this budget-friendly DIY is no exception. By up-cycling an empty bottle of Sunny Delight, we can create a charming snowman craft that is both cute and affordable.  What’s even better is that this up-cycled DIY snowman is not limited to adults – the kiddos would have an absolute blast making their own unique versions. They can get creative with different materials and styles, making each snowman truly one-of-a-kind.

So, gather your supplies and let’s get started on this fun-filled craft. Once you see how cute and charming this DIY snowman turns out, you’ll be inspired to create more up-cycled DIYs in the future. Here’s how to make yours. 

Materials Needed: 

  • Empty Sunny D container or something that resembles that same shape. 
  • Coffee dyed white sock 
  • Twine 
  • Red raffia 
  • Buttons 
  • 2 small black beads 
  • tooth pick for the nose 
  • orange paint 
  • Material for scarf 
  • blush 
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks 

Step 1.  Take a small bottle of Sunny Delight, clean it out, and then let it dry.

Step 2.  Add about 1 cup or so of rice inside of the empty bottle to weight it down for this project. If not weighted down, your project may not stand up on its own.  Add the lid back onto the bottle. 


Step 3.  Use a coffee-dyed sock and then flip it inside out so that the fuzzy part of the sock will be used for the outer body of the snowman.  Place the rice-filled Sunny Delight bottle inside of the sock right side up.  


Step 4.  Take the top part of the sock and pull it up tightly.  Then, use a cut piece of twine to secure the top part of the sock around the top part of the bottle.  Trim away any excess twine.  

Step 5.  Take the rest of the sock at the top of the snowman, and then pull it back down over the top of the bottle so as to create the hat of your snowman.  


Step 6.  Take a piece of red twine and wrap it around the top of the sock and then tie on a little bow.  Leave about two inches or so of sock above the red twine bow as this will serve as our snowman’s hat.  Trim away any excess twine. 


Step 7.  Take a piece of material of your liking to create the snowman’s scarf.  Tie the scarf onto the snowman.  You may need to use some hot glue to secure it into place.  Trim away any excess scarf material. 

Step 8.  Use three small black buttons and hot glue them onto the front of the snowman’s body.  

Step 9.  Add a small piece of pine garland, or greenery of your liking, to the scarf.  Use hot glue to secure it into place.


Step 10.  Use a Q-Tip to add some blush for the snowman’s cheeks.  

Step 11.  Use a small piece of a tooth pick for the snowman’s nose.  Paint it orange.  Allow it to dry.  Secure it onto the snowman’s face using hot glue.  Allow to dry. 

Step 12.  Use two small black beads for the snowman’s eyes.  Use hot glue to secure the eyes into place.  Allow to dry. 

Step 13.  Trim about half an inch or less off of the very top of the snowman’s sock hat.  This part is optional, but I feel like doing so makes the hat look a bit better. 

Step 14.  Enjoy your cute up-cycled DIY snowman! 



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