Up-Cycled Santa Craft
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Up-Cycled Santa Craft

Up-Cycled Santa Craft
Hello! We are super excited to share this rustic DIY Santa craft with you today! Are you
looking for a fun and affordable DIY project to get into the Christmas spirit? Look no further!
We have the perfect idea for you – a cute rustic DIY Santa craft that you won’t believe was
made from an empty container of Gold Peak iced tea, a coffee-dyed sock, and a few other
cute and affordable craft supplies that you most likely have on hand!
This adorable Christmas DIY is not only budget-friendly, but it’s also incredibly easy to
make. In fact, it’s so simple that even the kids can join in on the fun! Imagine their excitement
as they create their very own Santa Claus craft to display alongside all your festive
Not only is this craft cute and easy, but it’s also super versatile. You can place your handmade
Santa on a shelf or mantel, adding a touch of rustic charm to your holiday decor. The best
part? It won’t break the bank!
So why not give this cute DIY rustic Santa Claus craft a try this Christmas? It’s the perfect
activity for quality family time and will surely bring joy and cheer to your home. Get creative
and let your imagination run wild as you transform an ordinary container into a jolly old Saint
Nick. Don’t miss out on this must-try craft that will add warmth and whimsy to your holiday
season! Let’s get started:

Materials Needed 

  • Empty tea container or something similar in shape  
  • material for hat 
  • White Chalk paint  
  • Mop head 
  • Dollar Tree fluffy mop head (for hat rim) 
  • half wood bead 
  • black buttons 
  • Rusty bell (Order here,  Affiliate Link) 
  • Twine 
  • red berries 
  • pine pick 
Step 1. Take an empty and cleaned plastic container of Gold Peak iced tea, or any other
similar size and shape container, and paint it white so that no labels or writing come through
the project. Allow to thoroughly dry. You may want to apply a second coat depending on the
container you use; just be sure it is thoroughly dried before moving onto the next step. *If
you want, you can add rice to the container and then put the lid back on it to add some weight
to this project.
Step 2. Take a coffee-dyed tube-sock and pull it down over the container. Trim away any
excess sock at the base/bottom of the container and use hot glue to glue the sock tightly onto
the bottom of the container so that the container can stand on its own. Allow to dry.
Step 3. Use some distressing spray, which you can purchase HERE on my affiliate link (DISTRESSING SPRAY), and randomly spray it onto the sock covered container for a more rustic/primitive look. Allow it
to dry.
Step 4. Take some material of your liking, I used some red and white checked fabric, and cut
it down into a big square. You want the piece of fabric to be big enough to make Santa’s hat,
going around the top half of the container and then leaving some material to hang down over
the one side of Santa’s face/top of the container. Then, spray some distressing spray onto it.
Allow the material to dry.
Step 5. Wrap the distressed material around the top of the container to create Santa’s hat.
This will allow you to see how much material you need for the hat. Trim away the excess

Step 6. Lay your trimmed piece of material down over the top of the container and start to wrap the material all the way around the container, securing it in place with hot glue as you go around the top of the container. Gently hold in place to secure the hat onto the sock covered container.

Step 7. Once you have the material/hat secured around the top of the container, gently pull
up the remaining material and then allow it to hang down one side of Santa’s face to create
the hanging portion of Santa’s hat. Tie the end of the hat together using a small piece of twine
and trim away any excess.
Step 8. Using some white puffy material cut a strip about 1-2 inches thick and long enough
to wrap around the base of the hat, right above Santa’s forehead. Secure this strip into place
around the top of the container/rim of the hat using hot glue. Gently hold it into place to
secure this piece onto the rim of Santa’s hat, just above where his forehead would be.
Step 9. Take a mop-head and use some of the strands to make a beard for Santa. Leave
enough empty space for Santa’s eyes and nose, then glue the strands onto the front of the
container where Santa’s beard would be going in a vertical direction covering the front of the
project. *Be sure to only glue these strands on about half way down to allow some of his
beard to dangle. Next, take about 4-5 strands and hot glue them at each side of Santa’s face
to serve as a perimeter for the beard and face. These strands should be glued down going
from the rim of the hat to the bottom of the beard. Only glue these strips half way down as
well to allow the beard to dangle. *It may be best to glue down these perimeter strands at
each side of Santa’s face first and then glue down the shorter strands in between them. Allow
to dry.
Step 10. Trim away the excess ends of the strands hanging at the bottom of Santa’s beard so
that Santa will sit evenly.
Step 11. Using your hands or even a fork or comb, gently unravel some of the mop head
strands to create a thicker/fuller look for Santa’s beard.
Step 12. Next, take two small black buttons to create Santa’s eyes. Use hot glue to evenly
secure them into place.
Step 13. Using blush, carefully rub/dab some blush onto his cheeks to create a rosy face.
Step 14. Take one mop head strand and place it around the border of Santa’s face to outline
the face as well as clean up some of those frayed mop head strands. This just makes the
project look more cleaned up. Use hot glue to secure this strand into place and then trim
away any excess of this strand.
Step 15. Take a small half wooden bead and hot glue it onto Santa’s face to create the nose.
Step 16. Add a small rusty jingle bell to the end of Santa’s hat. Secure the bell onto the hat
using hot glue. Or, you can tie it into place with a small twine bow. Trim away any excess
material or twine from the end of Santa’s hat.
Step 17. If you want, you can try to add a mustache to this Santa. To do so, take about 3-4
strands of mop head, tie them together in the middle using a piece of twine, and then trim
away the excess twine. Next, take another strand of mop head and tie it over top of the twine
so the twine piece holding the mustache together is not visible. Trim away any of the excess
strand. Unravel some of the stands in the mustache to create a fuller look. Use hot glue to
secure the mustache directly under Santa’s nose. Trim the mustache at each end, just a little
bit to shorten it.
Step 18. Take a few pieces of greenery of your liking, and hot glue them down onto the
white puffy portion of Santa’s hat at one side. Add some red berries over top of the greenery
and secure them on using hot glue. Allow to dry.
Step 19. Enjoy!

If you decide to make this Dollar Tree farmhouse style makeover, I would love to hear from you! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube   


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