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upcycle an empty container into a cute DIY Easter basket


Hi friends!  I am so happy to be sharing with you all today how to upcycle an empty container into a cute DIY Easter basket.  I upcycled an empty container of potatoes into a beautiful DIY Easter basket for this project.  This Easter basket craft is super fun to make and very budget-friendly.  I think this adorable little DIY Easter basket would look amazing on a tiered tray for your springtime décor.  How cute would this Easter basket be to use as a place setting for your Easter table-scape?!  You could even add some individually wrapped Easter candy into each little Easter basket for your holiday guests!


Materials needed: 

  • round empty container 
  • 2 bundles of nautical rope from Dollar tree
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks 
  • Spanish Moss 
  • greenery 
  • eggs 


Step 1.  Take an empty, clean, and dry container of your liking, I used an empty container of potatoes, and place it upside down.  Then, hot glue the end of some thick rope, I purchased my rope from the Dollar Tree, onto the center of the project/container.  Then, start to wrap the rope around the outside of the container so that the rope is forming a coil shape.  Wrap the rope tightly and secure into place with hot glue as you work your way from the bottom of the container towards the top, but leave a little space uncovered towards the top as we will wrap more rope around this after we make the handle.  Flip your rope wrapped container over now so that it sits like a basket.  Allow the rope to dry.  You will need 2 packs of rope for this project.


Step 2.  Now, measure a piece of rope so that it is long enough to go up over and across the top of your project to for a handle for your basket/project.  Once you have the rope long enough for the handle, cut it, and then hot glue each end of the rope onto your container/basket to make the handle.  Allow to dry.  Trim away any excess rope at each end of the handle, if needed. 


Step 3.  Now, take more rope and wrap it around the very top of your basket/container so that the ends of each handle are underneath the rope going around the outside of the basket.  Use hot glue to tuck the rope end into the inside of the basket and to secure the rope into place.  Allow to dry.  Trim away and excess rope.  You will now have a rope Easter basket with a handle. 

Step 4.  Take some Spanish Moss and stuff it into the basket. 

Step 5.  Take some Buffalo Check ribbon, or any ribbon of your liking, and cut a small strip of ribbon, then hot glue the ends together to form a small circle.  Next, take a piece of twine and tie it onto the middle of the ribbon to form a tiny bow.  Trim off any excess twine from your tiny bow.  Set your bow aside.


Step 6.  Take any greenery of your liking, I used Boxwood greenery, and stuff it into your basket over top of the Spanish Moss. 

Step 7.  Using some pastel colored small decorative Easter eggs, place a couple eggs of your liking in your basket.  Once you have the eggs positioned to your liking, you can secure them in place using hot glue if you like.


Step 8.  Next, take your small Buffalo check ribbon bow and hot glue it over the top center of your Easter basket handle.  Allow to dry.  Enjoy! 


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If you decide to make this DIY  I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube  


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