Wood Heart Decor for Valentine's
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Wood Heart Decor for Valentine’s

Friends, I am excited to share with you how to make this DIY Valentine’s wood decoration! Are you ready to add a touch of love to your home decor this Valentine’s Day? Look no further, because I have an adorable and budget-friendly DIY project that you won’t be able to resist. Get ready to transform a simple wooden heart cutout from the Dollar Tree and a box pallet wood plaque from Hobby Lobby into a stunning piece of Valentine’s Day wood decor.

This DIY project is not only simple but also affordable, making it perfect for anyone looking to add some charm to their home without breaking the bank. All you need are these two key materials, some basic crafting supplies, and a little bit of creativity.

Imagine how cute this DIY Valentine’s Day wood decor would look as a shelf sitter with some twinkling fairy lights wrapped around it. It will surely create a warm and romantic ambiance in any room.

So why wait? Give this adorable wooden craft a try and watch as it brings joy and love into your home. Get ready to impress your loved ones with your crafting skills and create memories that will last long after Valentine’s Day has passed. Here’s how: 


Materials Needed: 

  • Wooden pallet box from Hobby Lobby 

  • Heart cutout – Dollar Tree 

  • Printable from our digital printable subscription – You can JOIN HERE 

  • Coffee to dye print 

  • Waverly Antique wax

  • White paint 

  • Flamenco Red Paint – Apple Barrel brand and found at Walmart 

  • Chip brush (Helpful, but not needed) 

  • Greenery – I buy it here and love it! Perfect for DIY Projects (Affiliate Link)

  • Twine 

  • Button 

  • Black Drawer Handle – Lowes

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks – This is the cordless glue gun I use! 

Step 1.  Purchase a wooden heart cutout from the Dollar Tree and a box wood pallet plaque from Hobby Lobby.


Step 2.  Starting with the wooden heart cutout, paint the heart flamenco red, or any other color of your liking.  I think this heart would look cute painted light pink, too!  Allow the paint to dry and then apply a second coat and allow to dry. 


Step 3.  Next, take a sanding block over the red painted heart to add a more rustic look to the heart cutout. 


Step 4.  Apply some antique wax using an old cloth or wet baby wipe and rub it over the front of the heart.  This just makes the project look more rustic/primitive.  Allow to dry. 

Step 5.  Next, using the same old cloth, rub some Waverly antique wax over the front and sides of the box wood pallet plaque from Hobby Lobby.  Allow to dry.  


Step 6.  Using a print from our digital monthly pintables subscription (if you’d like to join our digital monthly pintables subscription group, simply go to burlapkitchen.com and click on the heading that reads “printable members” ) that reads “be mine,” carefully tear this print out and place it in a cup of cool coffee for about 10 minutes to coffee-dye it.  Then, allow this coffee-dyed “be mine” print to dry.  


Step 7.  Next, use Folk Art “vintage white” paint, dip your paint brush into the paint and then offload a majority of the white paint onto a piece of wax paper or scrap paper, then gently apply the white paint to the box wood pallet plaque to white wash the project., be sure to go over the front and sides of your wood box.  Then, allow this to dry. 


Step 8.  Mod Podge the “be mine” coffee dyed print onto the center of the heart.  Allow to dry.

Step 9.  Take some antique wax and gently apply some over the sides and front of the heart using a foam brush.  This helps to create a more rustic look to the project.  Allow to dry.

Step 10.  Hot glue some greenery of your liking over the top center of the heart. 

Step 11.  Make a bow using some twine and hot glue it over top of the greenery.  

Step 12.  Position the heart onto the box wood pallet plaque to your liking (I placed my heart at a slight tilt). Then, use hot glue to secure the heart down onto the box wood pallet plaque and allow it to dry. 

Step 13.  Hot glue a drawer handle to the top of the heart decor piece. Enjoy! 


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If you decide to make this Dollar Tree farmhouse style makeover, I would love to hear from you! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube   


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